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Smeg is opening up a new frontier in the home appliance sector with the introduction of its new built-in blast chillers and vacuum drawers


Traditionally found in professional kitchens, a range of domestic blast chillers and vacuum drawers have been introduced to work together, to produce healthier, higher quality food with more creative possibilities for professional quality meals. Commercial blast chillers are now compact and available as part of your kitchen at home.

There are options available in Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classic design styles.


The Smeg blast chiller is a unique domestic appliance with 2 main functions - freezing and cooling, but our blast chillers have the added benefit of being able to heat as well!

You can chill food straight after cooking, programme precise 3-phase dough proving, quickly chill beverages, heat food at low temperatures, or hold food at a precise temperature.

To put its speed and quality into perspective, 3kg of fresh food that is frozen in a standard freezer takes 24 hours to freeze to the core.

The slow traditional freezing method breaks down the food properties, destroying its structure and creating macro-water crystals inside.

By comparison, the same amount of fresh food that is frozen in a blast chiller takes just 4.5 hours to freeze to the core, and only micro water crystals are created which means that the quality of the food is fully preserved.

In this way, food can be brought down to a low temperature quickly and safely, lengthening the foods life span, without compromising on taste or nutrition.

In addition, fresh foods that are frozen in a blast chiller do not require defrosting, they can be transferred straight from the freezer to the oven.

Even the shelves inside our blast chillers and ovens are interchangeable.

Adding to their versatile functionality, there are also a range of warming functions available on Smeg Blast Chillers:

  • The Ready-to-eat function will keep pre-cooked dishes at refrigerator temperature all day and then heat them up at a preset time, so you can have a hot dinner ready for when you get home!
  • Dough proving creates the perfect proving conditions by keeping the dough at the right temperature for the right time, without sudden changes in humidity levels. This can be configured in 3 phases.
  • The Defrost function allows food to be defrosted quickly and evenly, without partially cooking the food and compromising the quality.
  • Low temperature  cooking provides a consistent low temperature which is lower than traditional cooking temperatures available, resulting in tender and juicy meats.

It is also possible to quickly chill bottles (1°C per minute) in order to enjoy wine and other drinks at the optimal temperature.

The blast chiller can also keep food at a required temperature. Ideal for preparing desserts and ice creams before serving.

Benefits of using a blast chiller include, better time management as you can shop for, cook and plan weekly meals when you want. You can save space in the fridge, reduce food wastage, and store and consume the best seasonal food.

This means that you can eat fresh and tasty fruit and vegetables the whole year round, even when they are not in season, perfect for the kids!

Blast chiller models available are: SAB4604NR/NX, SAB4104SSAB4304X


A vacuum drawer can be used to preserve fresh foods for storage in the freezer, fridge or pantry.

Ingredients are sealed into an airtight plastic bag or container where the oxygen and air are extracted, protecting food from dust and bacteria and creating the perfect conditions for a longer storage life.

In this sealed environment, nutrients and aromas are preserved perfectly and food tastes as good as if it was made from fresh ingredients.

Vacuum sealed food lasts on average four times longer at room temperature or in the fridge.

If frozen, bacteria is eliminated, and food can be kept for months and still retain all flavours and consistency, as if it has just been prepared.

Smeg vacuum drawers are capable of sealing with a vacuum of up to 99.9%.

By selecting the Chef function on the vacuum drawers, processes which would otherwise require significant time, such as marinating meat, can be sped up.

This function opens up the fibres of the food so that they absorb all oils and/or flavours for really tasty results.

As well as conserving food, it is possible using specific bags to prepare food for low temperature Sous Vide cooking.

Once sealed and placed in one of our 45cm full steam ovens (for example: SF4604PVCNR1, SF4104VCS, or SF4390VCX1) and the option for 100% steam is selected, sous vide cooking can take place.

This gentle process allows you to retain the aromas, juices, nutrients of the ingredients, consistency and flavour that is impossible to achieve through traditional cooking methods.

Vacuum drawer models available are: CPV615NR/NX, CPV115SCPV315X


Bags for food conservation and sous vide cooking are included as standard whilst plastic containers and bag sets are also available to purchase (LIFEBOX, LIFEBAG1/2 and VCOOKBAG1/2)

Dolce Stil Novo and Linea models are available now.

Classic models will be available approx mid/end October 2018