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For those always on the go, our bottle to go is perfect! The latest accessory to the 50's Retro Style blender is a must have.

Smeg's new BGF01 'bottle to go' accessory is the perfect addition to the BLF01 50's style blender. For those out and about wanting to take a freshly prepared smoothie with them, this is a must!

Made from trademarked heavy duty Tritan plastic (BPA free), the bottle to go accessory is designed for use alongside the BLF01 50's style blender. Embossed with signature Smeg branding, the accessory looks great and is quick and easy to use when attempting to dash out of the house in the mornings with your favourite drink.

Why not watch the following video to really understand how the accessory works

Simple to operate, add the ingredients directly into the bottle to go, screw the blade assembly onto the bottle and then fix it to the blender. Once finished take it off the base and remove the blade assembly and screw on your bottle's lid.

For inspiration, why not browse our photos below: