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Smeg are pleased to introduce an exciting new range of Dolce Stil Novo ovens complete with a trendy new feature, a retractable door handle. Careful attention to detail and artistic vision have aided in the creation of this handle, constructed from a fine band of toughened glass.

As shown in the video above, this unique feature can be activated by pressing the SMEG logo on the home screen and with this simple touch, the handle extends, bringing new life to the oven. Once the oven is in operation, the handle automatically opens and continues to stay this way until cooking has finished and the oven has sufficiently cooled down. The handle then automatically retracts with the door closed to sit beautifully flush to the oven once more, providing clean uninterrupted lines in the kitchen.

Retractable handle models are available in 60cm single pyrolytic ovens SFP6604PNXE/SFP6604PNRE, 45cm combination microwaves SF4604PMCNX/SF4604PMCNR, and steam ovens SF4604PVCNX1/SF4604PVCNR1. Colourful touch control displays allow easy navigation of the oven whilst the striking Eclipse glass, appears opaque when the oven is off, yet becomes transparent when switched on, perfectly illuminating the cavity. Copper or Stainless Steel trims provide a subtle burst of colour throughout the flagship Dolce Stil Novo range, where only the finest materials have been used.