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Smeg expands induction range with the addition of elegant white hobs


White appliances lend themselves to a minimalist environment due to the light and cleanliness of their appearance however they blend nicely with any style, which makes for a popular choice amongst home owners. Smeg offer a variety of White appliances from kettles to cookers and have now added induction hobs to the range. These new hobs are available in two sizes; 60cm SI2M7643DW and 90cm SI2M7953DW.

If you have never used an induction hob before, then be prepared for your cooking experience to be revolutionised. Induction technology works by heating the base of the pan, instead of the hob zone itself by using a magnetic field. Due to the way this technology works, it only uses as much energy as needed providing great energy savings. It also offers a safe cooking environment in the kitchen as the hob zone itself does not get hot, so you can place your hand next to the pan without getting burnt, a reassuring feature to have with small children around!
The fastest cooking method available, induction cooking takes just over a minute to heat a pint of water and the cool down time is much quicker when compared to a ceramic hob.

Each hob boasts new intuitive slider controls which are discrete, easy to use and quick to respond with a whopping 14 power levels to choose from, providing even greater precision and accurate temperature control than ever before.
Unlike standard induction hobs which are divided into different cooking zones where size and position are restricted, these hobs have large MultiZones which can be divided into front and rear zones. Each MultiZone automatically detects the size and position of the pots and pans, and heats up the exact spots where they stand, providing optimum heating distribution and efficiency. This allows several pans to be used at once, large or small, offering freedom of placement andgreater flexibility.

Both induction hobs SI2M7643DW and SI2M7953DW are available now!

You can also view the full range of Smeg induction hobs here.