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This year, the Smeg stand mixer range is evolving and welcomes a selection of full colour alternatives in Cream SMF03CRUK, Red SMF03RDUK and Black SMF03BLUK colourways, in addition to the SMF02 versions already available.

If, however you prefer fresh and clean aesthetics then don’t worry, a full colour White option SMF13WHUK will be available early 2019, which will have the bonus of a super sleek glass bowl SMGB01 as standard. You can measure out ingredients with ease by using the graduated measurement marks on the glass bowl and then keep an eye on them once mixing commences. The SMGB01 glass bowl will also be available as an optional extra for the SMF03’s, early 2019.

The SMF03 and SMF13 stand mixers have the same improved accessories as the SMF02 stand mixers do. The aluminium flat beater and dough hook attachments now have a special coating which provides a non-stick surface, and both are dishwasher safe whilst the improved whisk maximises bowl coverage ensuring that every piece of mixture is captured.

Also included as standard with both SMF03 and SMF13 stand mixers is a new accessory, a flex edges beater SMFB02, available early 2019, ideal for creaming and mixing soft ingredients, also dishwasher safe. Never again will you need to stop your machine to scrape down the sides and bottom of the bowl because the specially designed shape of the SMFB02 perfectly reaches all of the bowl walls allowing you to beat and cream ingredients faster and more efficiently than a standard flat beater.

These striking full colour options can be matched to your kitchen, mood or personality, and guarantee to make a style statement in any home, whether you choose to co-ordinate with other appliances, or prefer to mix and match.