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MOE34CXI – Inverter technology for precision cooking

Providing a consistent stream of cooking power for perfectly even, nutritious and tasty results


Smeg are pleased to introduce our first ever Freestanding combination microwave oven to the range!
The MOE34CXI has a whopping 34 litre cavity, large white LED display, highly reflective stainless steel cavity and is finished in finger friendly stainless steel.
There are 10 functions, 40 preset recipes, 10 automatic programmes and 5 power levels. There is even a set of specially created microwave programmes like; Cake, speed grill, keep warm and Stew available for all your cooking needs.
This microwave uses Inverter technology which provides continuous and precise emissions of microwaves, so it is possible to cook and defrost food in a more gradual and consistent way, producing a difference you can really taste! Non-inverter microwaves use pulsing power control which turns the microwaves on-off, whilst Inverter technology provides continuous microwaves at precise temperatures so there are no abrupt temperature peaks, more accurate temperature control is possible, and taste, nutrients and vitamins are well preserved. The continuous flow of microwaves (at a precise power level) speeds up cooking, defrosting and re-heating programmes, making this microwave approximately 30% quicker than a standard one.

High power levels do not need to be used, which means less damage and loss of nutrients when cooking, whilst defrosting using the inverter technology stops the outside of the food from being overcooked but still frozen on the inside. The MOE34CXI is approximately 50% quieter when in use compared to standard microwaves and uses approximately 10% less energy when in use/50% in standby, saving you time and money. 

Whether you need a helping hand during busy holiday meals, for slow cooking or to keep food at the perfect temperature before serving, the MOE34CXI is the perfect addition to your kitchen!