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Discover the new Cucina oven range


The Cucina range has always offered simplistic, beautiful appliances which complement the contemporary modern home. This summer, the Cucina oven range is being re-styled, producing an aesthetic more luxurious than ever before.

Three colourways are available in the new Cucina style; stainless steel, black and a new addition, silver glass. The black and silver glass options feature a sleek stainless steel trim which looks striking against the facia and door panel, whilst the stainless steel models now feature eclipse glass, an innovative glass which appears black when the oven is off, yet transparent when the oven is turned on, offering enhanced visibility into the oven cavity.

Robust stainless steel handles and ergonomic controls remain, whilst a variety of larger LCD display windows have been included, where possible, for an ultra-modern look that is clear and easy to read.

All full sized single ovens have either pyrolytic cleaning or a vapor clean function as well as easy clean enamelled interiors, which means that keeping your oven clean has never been so easy! 

With 5 shelf positions, there is ample space for multi-layer cooking and by selecting the circulaire function, delicate and strongly fragranced foods can be cooked at the same time, with no cross transference of flavours or smells.

New additions have also been added to the Cucina range that provide an extensive choice for any new kitchen, such as the SF64M3DS, SF64M3DX, SF64M3DN, featuring DIRECT STEAM technology.

As well as a variety of traditional functions for all your cooking needs, this oven has a steam cooking function that can be selected when manually adding up to 250ml of water to create steam in the cavity, the perfect environment for creating tender, juicy dishes.

The new Cucina range will be available this summer, with the double ovens expected towards the end of 2018. This new re-design will still be compatible with the existing Cucina hobs.