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Rose gold continues to be a very on-trend colour since it exploded onto the scene back in 2015. It is still extremely popular in interior design, fashion, weddings, jewellery…. even hair colour! This stunning millennial hue offers a calm, warm and inviting feeling to your home whilst providing elegance and refinement.
Many kitchen styles can benefit from this captivating shade. To create a more feminine pallet, add rose gold to white, cream or pink, or to help this colour really pop in the kitchen add to black, grey or green walls. Rose gold can also look striking when paired with cool tones like silver and Navy blue and can be beautifully highlighted by such kitchen details as white marbled kitchen tops or exposed brickwork.

Following on from the recent addition of the Gold kettle and toaster, Smeg are now pleased to offer another metallic hue, this time with a Rose gold kettle and toaster. Its striking mirrored aesthetic creates a daring and unconventional statement, which light can bounce off of beautifully.
The kettle features a soft opening lid for easy filing, large 1.7 litre capacity with water gauge that shows both in litres and cups, and removable limescale filter. The toaster has 2 extra wide slots with self-centring racks for even browning, 6 browning levels for optimum choice, a bagel function perfect for muffins or crumpets as well as reheating or defrost functions.
Although many aesthetics in the Smeg range will work well with this new colour option, these products would particularly complement Smeg’s Dolce Still Novo appliances with copper trims. This range of luxurious high end appliances with elegant black glass would provide a stunning backdrop to contrast against the metallic Rose gold kettle and toaster. 

An expression of affluence and style, the KLF03RGUK and TSF01RGUK Rose Gold special editions, make the perfect breakfast set for modern, stylish and contemporary kitchens.