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Find out more about our new SI564DUK 60cm induction hob, operating on a low power consumption of just 13 amp, allowing for simple installation.


Induction hobs are often chosen for their speed, style and safety benefits but can sometimes be tricky to install due to their higher mains voltage requirements compared to gas hobs.

Smeg are therefore pleased to introduce a new 60cm induction hob to the range, the SI564DUK, which operates on a low power consumption of just 13 amp, allowing for a simple installation in any home. It can be plugged directly into a UK socket, instead of needing a hardwired connection!

The SI564DUK is configured to work using a power limit of 3000W, when the maximum power of 3000W is reached,  the system will simply stop you from increasing the power further on any zone. Each individual zone by itself can reach up to 1400W, and it is possible to use all 4 induction zones at the same time at a maximum power of 750W (power level 8) each. This is plenty of power for roasting, slow frying or cooking large quantities of food. All zones feature a useful ‘booster’ function, which can be used to reach the maximum power in the quickest time. You can use the booster on 1 zone, and still use another 2 zones simultaneously at the maximum power level of 8. Alternatively you can use the boosters on 2 zones at the same time, but you won’t be able use the remaining zones in this case.

Other features include a child safety lock to prevent children from changing the hob settings, easy to use touch control display, 9 power levels, and quick level selection.

The hob can be installed ultra-low profile of flush fitted to suit your needs and it's universal style with straight edge glass finish means that it will complement any kitchen aesthetic.