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Smeg range cookers offer fantastic flexibility, whether you're a serious cook or have a large family to prepare for. Available in a variety of widths from 60cm wide up to an impressive 150cm, the family of Smeg range cookers offer a huge amount of diversity. However, when deciding on which range cooker to purchase, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. A range cooker will last you through the years, so it’s important to get every aspect of the appliance correct to ensure that it perfectly cooks every meal.  There are seven main points that should be kept in mind when making your choice.


Fuel Type – The first decision that needs to be made about your range cooker is the type of fuel that the cooker is running off.  Smeg range cookers come with varied fuel source specifications, ranging from duel fuel cookers (with electric ovens with either gas), too fully electric cookers (with electric ovens and a choice of wither ceramic or induction hobs). Models such as the A3-7 and the A5-8 come with electric griddles, while others such as the SY4110-8 come complete with an electric warming plate. Also bear in mind that all of Smeg’s gas products are LPG convertible. It’s therefore important to know what style of cooking you prefer and use this as a base for your cooker choice.   

Position of Cooker – Linked in with the type of fuel used to run the ranger cooker, you need to ensure that there is an appropriate fuel source located by the appliance. You also need to ensure that there is plenty of room for the cooker to fit. Some of the range cookers can be up to 150cm wide, making them a large presence in any kitchen. Insure that there is not only enough room for the appliance itself, but also space in the room to move around it and cook without being cramped.

Capacity and Flexible cooking - There are a variety of oven shapes and sizes in Smeg’s collection of range cookers. Those with a main and auxiliary oven, such as the TR93 and the A3-7 offer users the choice of cooking different dishes at different temperatures, simultaneously.  Batch bakers and those with larger households, however, sometimes prefer a larger single main oven, such as the A1PYID-7. It’s important to know what type of cooking/ baking you will be doing the most of, and use this to guide your decision making. Smeg offer cookers with the ‘circular function’ allowing the user to batch cook several different foods at once, and on multiple several levels, with no taste transfer.


Cleaning - When it comes to keeping your cooker clean, all Smeg models have been built to make cleaning simpler. These include functions such as pyrolytic self-cleaning (which burns away excess grease in the oven cavity once it has reached a certain temperature), or Smeg's vapour clean system (which uses water to soften the residue, so it is simple to clean). Many cavities also have removable roof liners and door glasses for easy cleaning. Finally, all Smeg ovens are made from ‘Easy Clean’ enamel, ensuring that keeping the ovens in top condition is not the gruelling task it usually is.

Colours and aesthetic styles - It is important to go for a style and colour that is in keeping with the kitchen cabinets, as well as the room as a whole. The collection of Smeg range cookers are available in a choice of finishes, from contemporary stainless steel, to more traditional colours such a glossy cream and black, pastel blue, pink and red wine. As far as the 'look' is concerned, you've also got lots of choices, be it the robust industrial look of the 'Opera' range, the heritage feel of the iconic 'Victoria', the flexibility of 'Symphony', or the practicality of 'Concert'.


Hoods and Splash-backs – All of Smegs aesthetic lines allow you to complete the look of the cooker with matching a hood and splash-back. Splash-backs not only make a striking visual impact, but are also a great ecological solution (as they are a cost effective alternative to titles) and improves hygiene (as there is not grout line to collect dirt and grease in). Easy to install, the splash-back come in a range of standards sizes, or can be cut to fit the space required. The hoods also come in a variety of different styles, from the basic canopy hood, to fitted chimney hoods, to the ultra-modern downdraft hood (the KDD90VX).   

Accessories – Finally, there is the choice of accessories for the range cookers, allowing the personality and needs of the chef to shine through. For example, many models have a special pizza stone moulding in the base of the oven. Using Smeg's optional pizza stone accessory, users can produce stone baked pizzas in only 5 minutes.  The stone also works as a conductive heat source, by placing the dish directly on it, the heat is transferred through the base and this is ideal for stews and casseroles as well as roasts, producing results very similar to those achieved in solid fuel cookers of old. You'll also find a whole host of optional accessories from griddles to grill plates can be added to customise your cooker.  

Below are the top 5 Smeg Range Cookers available, which perfectly show off the diversity and capability of the Smeg’s collection.

Top 5 Flexible Range Cookers

1) Opera A2PY-8

Timeless stainless steel 6 burner dual fuel 100cm range cooker with large pyrolytic self-cleaning, A rated oven(s) with 10 functions. The largest in the Opera range, the 150cm Opera A5 is also one to watch. 

2) TR93BL

Also available in cream, the TR93 offers 3 ovens and separate grill with host of programmes and features. Most notably, the tall right hand side oven offers 9 cooking levels where you can warm plates and cook a variety of dishes at once.

3) SY92IPX8

This ‘Which?’ Best Buy award winning cooker offers considerable flexibility, from its large induction hob through to its big capacity pyrolytic self-cleaning main oven

4) TR4110P1 and SY4110BL8

Built from an award winning platform, both TR4110 (available in various colours) and SY4110 models (available in stainless steel and black) offer class leading features, as recognised by Which?. The flexibility of both cookers offer three ovens/ grills 6 or 7 gas burners, plus a convenient storage drawer for baking trays and accessories. 

5) SUK62CBL8

Concert cookers offer excellent value for money, with gas and ceramic hob options to choose from in finishes such as cream, black and stainless steel (model dependent). The 60cm SUK62 offers large better than A rated oven(s) and ceramic hob for easy all electric cooking.