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Smeg’s 50’s retro style range features unmistakable vintage designs whose curvaceous lines and vibrant colours combine perfectly with cutting edge technology. The FAB range of appliances are more than just mere fridges, they dominate their surrounding and are real icons of style bearing the “Made in Italy” design quality that Smeg are famous for all over the globe. They are one of the most distinctive kitchen appliances in the world! Over the past few months the smaller FAB28 and larger FAB32 ranges have been renewed and now, the eagerly awaited FAB30 gets its turn! With a greatly improved stylish interior, this appliance is even better than before.
So, what’s new? Well, firstly elegant chromed trims have been added throughout the interior including balcony doors, shelves, and drawers. These subtle attentions to detail deliver an extremely smart modern aesthetic with a luxurious high end feel. Bright LED light strips have been added to both sides of the fridge which provide optimal illumination and total visibility of the interior, whilst being much more energy efficient and longer lasting than traditional bulbs.
The addition of a life plus 0°C drawer, provides a compartment that is designed for preserving perishable foods for longer such as fish, cheese and meat, at a controlled temperature of 0°C. Both the life plus 0°C drawer and the fruit and vegetable drawer are secured on telescopic rails, allowing you to slide the drawers out with ease when needing to add or remove food.
Creating the perfect storage conditions for food and drink, the new air circulation system Multiflow maintains a homogeneous temperature in all areas of the refrigerator, whilst the energy efficiency has increased from A++ to A+++, offering a lower energy consumption for greater savings.

A variety of hinges and colours are available, from zingy orange to post box red providing an option for every kitchen décor.