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Smeg shares the small screen with Tom Kerridge and gets into the action in 'London Has Fallen'


Smeg is starting 2016 with a bang and in February and March, we saw our beautiful products feature on both the small and big screen.

Smeg is a perfect backdrop for Tom Kerridge and Frank Skinner

At the end of February, chef Tom Kerridge joined presenter Frank Skinner on his BBC iPlayer show ‘On Demand With…’ The show is set in Tom’s development kitchen, where he creates the next big idea for his books, restaurants and TV appearances. In this space, Tom explores not just new creations but most importantly how to create the very best of everything. This kitchen is at the forefront of pastry exploration!

Tom sits in front of a Smeg American style side by side fridge-freezer which includes an indulgent drop-down bar and ice and water dispenser, beautifully crafted in fingerprint-proof stainless steel. A missed opportunity for the two of them to enjoy some cocktails while they discussed the best of the iPlayer! Behind Frank there is a row of touchscreen Smeg Linea ovens and a Linea coffee machine, built into the units for a smart and sophisticated look. Tom’s favourite picks from iPlayer include the cuisine of Shanghai, the wonders and woes of modern Greece, and rocking out with The Story of Guns N' Roses. Catch up with the episode here.

Smeg features in 2016 blockbuster, ‘London Has Fallen’

On the 3rd March 2016 UK cinemas welcome the latest film from director Babak Najafi, action thriller ‘London Has Fallen’. Staring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman the film is based in London and follows Butler as he protects the world’s most powerful leaders from a deadly plot.

For one of the shootout scenes, Smeg kitted out an entire shop full of the iconic 50s style fridges and small appliances, including the brilliant Union Jack fridge. The appliances were in the heart of the action but despite a few bullet wounds survived!

Catch the film in your local cinema from the 3rd March onwards and if you want your own Union Jack FAB28 fridge, visit our website at www.smeg50style.com. Other designs also include the bright and bold candy stripe, the St George’s flag, the denim and most recently, the Mondrian inspired and blackboard.