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Smeg are pleased to introduce new built in Wi-Fi wine coolers to the range, available in Dolce Stil Novo, Linea and Classic aesthetics in undercounter or reduced height options.


With Wi-Fi connectivity capability, you can operate, control and monitor your wine cooler remotely using the SmegConnect App from your smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android).

The App has a strong focus on the food & wine experience and thanks to Il Cucchiaio d’Argento and Tannico, always has updated and customisable content.

Through the Smeg Connect App you can manage programmes and switch on/off all appliances connected to the network, anywhere and at any time, safely and conveniently via your smartphone or tablet 

The attractive and intuitive interface gives access to lots of additional features, such as recipes and matching with wines, while a “Personal Assistant” helps you to navigate through the App and “Direct Assistance” allows you to easily contact our customer service department, through a simple on-line form.

This combination of appliance and App is the perfect mixture of Italian design with advanced technologies, the best solution for preserving and exhibiting a precious and valuable wine collection. SmegConnect wine coolers perfectly control the serving and preserving temperature in addition to many other functions such as sharing wine lists with your friends via Facebook.


Models available are as follows:

45cm reduced height:

Dolce Stil Novo: CVI618RWNR2 – Copper Trim, RH, CVI618LWNR2 – Copper Trim, LH, CVI618RWNX2 – St/Steel Trim, RH, CVI618LWNX2 – St/Steel Trim, LH

Linea: CVI118RWN2 – Black, RH, CVI118LWN2 – Black, LH, CVI118RWS2 – Silver Glass, RH, CVI118LWS2 – Silver Glass, LH

Classic: CVI318RWX2 – St/Steel, RH, CVI318LWX2 – St/Steel, LH

60cm undercounter:

Dolce Stil Novo: CVI638RWN2 – Black, RH, CVI638LWN2 – Black, LH

Linea: CVI138RWS2 – Silver Glass, RH, CVI138LWS2 – Silver Glass, LH

Classic: CVI338RWX2 – St/Steel, RH, CVI338LWX2 – St/Steel, LH

Some Wi-Fi Wine coolers are available now (depending on the model) 

Smeg will also be introducing Wi-Fi ovens and dishwashers to the range, expected to be available early 2019, so watch this space!