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Firmly placed in the same category as taking out the bins or changing the bedcovers on your own, cleaning the oven is never a fun job. Although it doesn’t need to be done too often, it is one of those jobs that is always put off for as long as possible.


To help take the hard work out of cleaning your non-pyrolytic oven, Smeg has developed ‘Vapor Clean’. By simply pouring a little water into the hallow at the ovens base and setting the programme, the Vapor clean function allows the water to soften any residue, resulting in the actual cleaning of the oven being as quick and hassle free as possible. It takes just under 20 minutes to complete the cleaning. This is not only extremely simple to carry out, but is also the perfect cleaning aid for lowering the energy consumption of the appliance.

The vapor clean function is available on a wide range of Smeg ovens and cookers. Models such as the sleek SF109 ‘Linea’ multifunction oven and the SF372X ‘classic’ multifunction oven are equipped with Vapor Clean, meaning that regardless of style, it is still an option. This is also the case with the free standing cookers. The ‘Which?’ Winning TR93’s and TR4110’s ‘Victoria’ traditional cookers incorporate the vapour clean function to provide an easy clean solution to maintaining a large oven, with four cavities.  


In addition to the vapor cleaning function, Smeg ovens and cookers also carry other elements to assist with cleaning. Each appliance is finished with easy clean enamel, containing a special antacid lining which helps to reduce the amount of dirt which collects to the surface. The glass inner doors are also completely detachable, meaning that if necessary glass can be taken away for a thorough clean throughout the oven.     


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