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Find out more about the latest stand mixer additions


Designed to make your life easier and take the hard work out of mixing ingredients or kneading dough, stand mixers are relied on in modern times for their speed, power and convenience. Smeg are therefore delighted to introduce three stand mixer options to the range, providing optimum style choice for your home:  

SMF02 half colour design in red, black, cream, silver, pastel green, pastel blue or pink.
SMF03 full colour design in red, black or cream with flex edge beater.
SMF13 full colour design in white with flex edge beater and glass bowl.

As shown in the video above, each stand mixer has a powerful 800W direct drive motor, planetary action for perfectly combining ingredients, 10 variable speeds, large 4.8 litre bowl, wire whisk, flat beater, dough hook as standard.

New accessories include a flex edge beater, designed to reach every inch of the bowl, and a glass bowl, allowing you to measure and keep an eye on your ingredients at every stage. (only available on selected models, see product specifications for details)

The attachment port at the front of the mixer can fit a range of optional accessories such as Ravioli maker, Meat grinder and Pasta roller and cutter set to really make the most out of your stand mixer. Why not visit our recipes page for inspiration!

Whichever stand mixer you choose, the same high-quality results will be achieved. From smooth elasticated doughs for producing the best bread, to frothy but stable egg whites for the perfect meringue, a variety of dishes can be created with ease.