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In the lead up to Christmas, Britain’s high streets explode with shoppers who are dashing around in order to grab Christmas presents for their loved ones just in time for the big day.

However, for many of us, our biggest problem is what do we buy them? For those of us who just don’t know where to start, all we need is a little inspiration!  You may also be wondering what on earth does Christmas shopping have to do with whales? Read on to find out more…

Every year, John Lewis aims to inspire shoppers and passers-by in an attempt to lure them inside and show off its wares. This year, they have truly excelled - not only are they standing out from neighbouring stores but they are maximising their iconic Oxford Street and Sloane square Christmassy windows in the capital. How have they done it I hear you ask?

It seems John Lewis has commissioned a beautiful installation featuring pastel blue and pure white Smeg products at its very heart.   Leaping out of the window’s Antarctic scene is a giant whale. With the whale’s head constructed from Smeg’s DF6FAB dishwasher, and its body and tail a FAB30 50’s style fridge freezer, the result is an imposing, yet inspirational work of art, designed to amaze and enchant.

Why not pay John Lewis Oxford Street or Peter Jones Sloane Square a visit this Christmas for a spot of whale watching and grab some Christmassy ideas? Be sure to dodge the FAB50 icebergs lurking around though!