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Microwave & traditional cooking

Galileo, the new & exciting range of Smeg ovens includes a full-sized microwave oven - SpeedwaveXL, combining traditional cooking and microwave. Discover why a SpeedwaveXL oven could be the right choice for your kitchen as we highlight its key features below.

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Why choose a Speedwave oven?

2 Cooking technologies in one oven

Speedwave ovens have the ability to use two different types of cooking technology:

  • Traditional cooking - for great cooking results, excellent heat distribution and even browning.
  • Microwave cooking - for speed without ever compromising on the quality of food.

Our home economist explains all about Speedwave microwave technology in the video here.

Extra space

Space inside a microwave is traditionally limited but due to the full-sized oven, the SpeedwaveXL offers a spacious 68-litre capacity, with 5 cooking levels.
The oven also features Stirrer technology which evenly distributes microwaves and removes the need for a turntable, freeing up even more space.

Time saving

By combining traditional cooking with microwaves, you can cut cooking times by up to 40% while maintaining food quality.

Special functions

Enrich your cooking experience by discovering a variety of special functions available with Speedwave.

Make the best popcorn with the 'pop' function, defrost ice cream slowly and gently with the'melt' function, and defrost meat delicately with the'soft' function, for example.

Inverter technology

Inverter technology provides continuous and precise temperature control with no hot spots, allowing you to cook and defrost food in a more gradual and consistent manner, resulting in a noticeable difference!

Accurate temperature control preserves nutrients and vitamins by avoiding abrupt temperature peaks whilst the constant flow of microwaves accelerates cooking, defrosting, and re-heating programmes.


With microwave and traditional cooking all in one appliance, the SpeedwaveXL oven allows you to free up valuable space on kitchen worktops and built-in units.

A new improved oven cavity

The cavity of all Galileo ovens has been completely redesigned for better heat distribution which allows for even better cooking and browning results. The new airflow system also ensures no flavour transfer between dishes, so you can cook sweet and savoury meals all at once. Other improvements include a new smooth rounded cavity that has been welded for easy cleaning, a new easier-to-remove internal door, and soft hinges for soft, silent opening and closing of the door.

Tips on using your Speedwave oven

Our home economist explains here how to get the very best results from your speedwave oven.

Watch the video here.

Exciting new accessories

Speedwavexl ovens feature dedicated functions designed to be used with the below accessories in order to create the very best results. Please note these can only be used when traditionally cooking.

Re-create your outdoor grilling experience indoors - without any of the hassle. Simple choose the BBQ function and place your food on the reversible BBQ accessory to produce succulent, grilled dishes. This double-sided pan has a striped side for meats and a smooth side that works great with fish. The plate is also non-stick!

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Love making crispy fried food at home but hate using so much cooking fat. The AIRFRY accessory allows you to cook fries, nuggets and more with perfect browning and crispiness with no additional oil required, for even, golden results. Simply choose the AIRFRY function and away you go.

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Wish you could create authentic Italian pizzas at home with the same results as a typical wood-fired oven? By inserting the STONE accessory and selecting the dedicated stone function, crispy pizza, or a number of baking options like bread and cookies can be created in just a few minutes.

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Choose your Galileo SpeedwaveXL oven


Oven, Linea, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Neptune Grey, Vapor Clean
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Oven, Linea, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Black, Vapor Clean
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Oven, Classic, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Stainless steel, Vapor Clean
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Oven, Classic, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Black, Vapor Clean
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Oven, Linea, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Silver, Vapor Clean
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Oven, Linea, Galileo cavity: SpeedwaveXL, 60cm, Combi Microwave, Black, Vapor Clean
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Choose your compact Galileo Speedwave oven


Oven, Dolce Stil Novo, Galileo cavity: Speedwave, 45cm compact, Combi Microwave, Black, Vapor Clean
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Oven, Linea, Galileo cavity: Speedwave, 45cm compact, Combi Microwave, Neptune Grey, Vapor Clean
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The Galileo oven range features multi-cooking technologyOmnichef (traditional, steam and microwave cooking)Speedwave (traditional and microwave cooking) and Steam generation (traditional and steam cooking), but also standard models with traditional cooking only to provide a suitable option for every household.

For more information regarding Galileo multi-cooking technology, visit our dedicated website.

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