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This year we are celebrating 70 years since the beginning of Smeg.

Founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni from Guastalla, a town near Reggio Emilia northern Italy, Smeg is one of the Italy’s leading home appliance manufacturers. The Bertazzoni family’s entrepreneurial history begins way back in the 19th century and this year we celebrate seven decades of production.

In the immediate post-war period, in a period of economic development and growing urbanisation, Smeg was born. Originally specialising in enamelling and metalwork, Smeg soon began to produce innovative cooking appliances. "Elisabeth", launched in 1956, was one of the first gas cookers to feature automatic ignition, safety valves in the oven and a cooking programmer.

In the 1960s, early dishwasher appliances began production. High performance hobs and ovens were then introduced and produced from the mid 1970s and, during the 1990s, Smeg completed its product range with the introduction of distinctive sinks and hoods – alongside the debut of the iconic fridge in 1997. In 2018 there are over 1,200 appliances in the Smeg range with continuous plans and inspiration to extend.

For 70 years, Smeg has led the way in appliance design and manufacture, with the belief that style doesn’t have to be lost in technology. With a long history of collaborations with world leading architects and designers creating aesthetic collections to suit different styles and tastes. From Gudio Canali, to Renzo Piano, from Dolce & Gabbana to Disney – Smeg have gone from strength to strength throughout the years since its formation.

Take a look back through the 70 years of Smeg to see how the business has developed through the decades and how style and technology has changed over time