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Hosted in the purpose-built cookery theatre at the Smeg London Flagship store, Rachel Khoo demonstrated delicious Swedish-inspired recipes from her latest book.


On Saturday 28th July at the Smeg Flagship store, 14 Regent Street St James’s, Rachel Khoo and Smeg hosted a collaborative event celebrating the release of Rachel Khoo’s latest book, My Little Swedish Kitchen. The celebration involved an exclusive cookery demonstration of a 3-course meal, followed by a book signing. A one off exclusive event, that was an instant sell out!

Hosted in the purpose-built cookery theatre which is located on the ground floor of the London Smeg store, Rachel Khoo demonstrated delicious Swedish-inspired recipes from her latest book. In approximately one hour of cooking, chatting and laughing, Rachel prepared a 3 course meal of old man’s salad, poached chicken with a quick pickled strawberry salad and a blueberry soup with caramelised nut clusters. A mouth-watering menu! Rachel offered cooking advice as she demonstrated such as, "taste as you go, have a sharp knife at the ready and make sure you enjoy every moment of it!". 

Rachel is a lover of Smeg products which led to this exciting collaboration, her favourite product is her Smeg Classic Oven. “Cooking is a pleasure and it should be enjoyed” said Rachel. 

At the end of the exclusive sessions, Smeg grabbed some one on one time with the BBC TV chef to pick her brain on cooking and her brand new book.

Smeg: What made you choose Sweden as the location for your latest book, after the release of My Little French Kitchen?

Rachel: I moved to Paris for the love of cakes and I moved to Sweden for the love of a man! I found so much inspiration when I was there that the book flowed.

Do you have a favourite recipe from My Little Swedish Kitchen, one you'd recommend to try first?

A big part of Swedish culture is Fika, which is the bun and coffee time. There are lots of bun recipes in the cook book such as a dark chocolate and raspberry bun, an almond and lingonberry bun and a saffron and raisin bun! It's hard to pick a favourite recipe over all but I'd highly recommend giving a bun recipe a go first.

Where do you get your cooking inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from a range of places. It can be as simple as going to the supermarket or speaking with friends. When I moved to Sweden, I asked my new family and friends about food. What they ate when they were younger, their favourite ingredients and foods they associate with different occasions. Food is a living thing so you have to approach it in a very wide way.

When did you realise you had a passion for cooking?

I really enjoyed cooking for my friends when I was at Central Saint Martins University. I would save up to attend weekend and evening cookery courses, I would also save up for new cookery books too. It was a hobby for me at first but I became professionally interested when I became an assistant food stylist. I didnt want to be a chef in a restaurant but I knew I wanted to cook and be creative.

If you could give one piece of advice to an aspring cook, what would it be? 

Taste as you go. Often people taste at the end and it's too late. You can change things as you go if you taste. There's time to balance flavours and correct things, give yourself that time to adjust.

Photographer: Kevin Potter