Stuffed veal roll and hasselback potatoes


Cooking time:
40 min.
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Step 1

Cook spinach on perforated baking tray at 100° steam for 4 minutes, let cool and squeeze well.

Step 2

Crack eggs into a bowl and add spinach, Parmesan cheese, bread, salt, pepper and whisk well. Pour the mixture into a Teflon-coated cake pan and bake in traditional fan assisted mode at 180° for 8 minutes. 

Once ready, turn the pan upside down onto a plate and let it cool.

Hasselback potatoes

Step 3

Wash the potatoes well, leaving the skin on , make small incisions crosswise and lay them in an oven dish, cover with vegetable broth and butter flakes, salt and pepper. Bake in a static ventilated oven at 180° for 25 minutes.
Stuffed veal roll

Step 4

Salt and pepper the meat , lay the cheese slices on top and then the omelette.

Step 5

Roll and tighten well, tie the meat with kitchen twine and place the roast in a glass baking dish, salt and pepper again, sprinkle with herbs and butter flakes.

Step 5

Bake in multitech mode by setting the temperature to 180°, steam 20% and microwave 100w for 40 minutes. Then take out the dish and drizzle with white wine, continue cooking for another 40 minutes.
Stuffed veal roll and hasselback potatoes